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3D render picture of the Built Your Own AI Investor Book
  • Breaks down Value Investing for the AI revolution (for normal people)

  • Teaches Python and Machine Learning step-by-step, from installation all the way to creating your own stock picking AI

  • Tweak it to make it personal; as aggressive or defensive as you like

  • Anyone can learn the computing tools, even if you've never coded before. Every step is in this book!

AI Investor Portfolio 2020:

The AI equally weights seven new stocks every year.
New stocks are selected every March for the AI portfolio.
The AI is entirely made with code from the book.
JBHT 13.4%
EPZM 4.7%
NOW 13.8%
LNT 6.9%
RFP 26.1%
GPRE 24.8%
MA 10.3%

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AI trained with free SimFin data (Stock picking requires €19.99 SimFin+ account
subscription, US stocks only at present)

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