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3D render picture of the Built Your Own AI Investor Book
  • Breaks down Value Investing for the AI revolution (for normal people)

  • Teaches Python and Machine Learning step-by-step, from installation all the way to creating your own stock picking AI

  • Tweak it to make it personal; as aggressive or defensive as you like

  • Anyone can learn the computing tools, even if you've never coded before. Every step is in this book!

AI Investor Portfolio 2020:

The AI equally weights seven new stocks every year.
New stocks are selected every March for the AI portfolio.
(to coincide with release of 10-K Annual reports).

The AI is entirely made with code from the book.
The expectation is for high volatility and ~20% return
JBHT 11.4%
EPZM 3.2%
NOW 12.5%
LNT 5.7%
RFP 28.7%
GPRE 29.4%
MA 9.1%

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AI trained with free SimFin data (Stock picking requires €19.99 SimFin+ account
subscription, US stocks only at present)

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