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  • Breaks down Value Investing for the AI revolution (for normal people)

  • Teaches Python and Machine Learning step-by-step, from installation all the way to creating your own stock picking AI

  • Tweak it to make it personal; as aggressive or defensive as you like

  • Anyone can learn the computing tools, even if you've never coded before. Every step is in the book.

AI Investor Performance

(Authors own AI following the book, AIs will differ depending on training data.
This is just what the AI outputs, it may or may not do well over time.
These stock picks are not financial advice.
Read the disclaimer.)

AI Investor Stock Picks

(and their return)

March 2020
- March 2021

JBHT 74.3%
EPZM -51.1%
NOW 90.5%
LNT -13.1%
RFP 338.7%
GPRE 348.4%
MA 38.5%

March 2021
- Present

NWL -9.8%
GLYC -63.4%
MAR 3.0%
TRUP 11.6%
BKD -19.4%
AFI -64.4%
CMLS -2.7%

Recorded on the
Bitcoin Blockchain.

*Sadly only since Jan 2021, I only thought of it then.

Blockchain Record - 2020 Portfolio

Blockchain Record - 2021 Portfolio

How The AI Works

The AI equally weights seven new stocks every year.
New stocks are selected every March for the AI portfolio,
to coincide with release of 10-K Annual reports.

The AI is made entirely with code from the book.
The expectation is for slightly above S&P500 return,
and extreme volatility.

Building at AI Investor is intended as an educational tool
to teach simple Python code that may be useful
in informing personal investing choices.

Older 2020 Edition
(With Amazon reviews)

(International Stock Portfolios)
A.I. Investor for International Stocks

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This is not Financial Advice.
(Disclaimer here)

AI trained with free data from
(Up-to-date Stock picking requires a
€19.99 SimFin+ account. US stocks only.
No affiliation.)

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